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Black Dawn, Bright Day: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium That Reveal the Fate of the Earth

Sun Bear, with Wabun Wind

 This work is based in the Native American Indian worldview, which includes reverence for all of creation—even minerals, and aiming to blend with nature rather than trying to conquer it. Earth is also conceived as being "an intelligent, living being" (p. 3). I have dreamed of one day writing a book about America as it would be today if the "Indians" had won. We have reached such an impasse that we all—those who originated on American soil and those who themselves or their ancestors came here—are in danger of losing our place on Earth and because of our own destructive attitudes and actions. This is a late-20th century effort made by Native Americans to assess the state of the land that once was sacred to them. The original Native American view is set forth. They also share their views of current and coming Earth changes that are increasingly catastrophic. They call it the "Great Purification." Sun Bear sees ‘Earth changes as positive because they are necessary for the survival of the planet. If humanity is going to survive these changes, we will have to develop a much higher consciousness" (p. 67). The Earth changes cannot be stopped. "It’s the beginning of a new age for those willing to change themselves. Those people will survive the changes, who live through them, will be those who have prepared for them on all levels of their lives" (p. 67). This handbook, based on Native American prophecies and lore, describes which areas will be most hard hit and how—and which areas offer the best likelihood of safety. Part I, Black Dawn, equates the past and still current approach of Western "civilization" to that of the dinosaurs. Part II, Bright Day, provides guidance and practical suggestions on healing the Earth now, a survival blueprint to the Millennium, and a workbook for personal change in relation to Earth. Sun Bear is a Chippewa medicine man. Wabun Wind is a trained journalist and is Sun Bear’s medicine helper. Although EHEs are not mentioned, the book is written from inside the Experiential Paradigm, thus it is informed throughout by the knowledge of our oneness with all created things.
Publisher Information:New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992. 242p. Bibl: 231-236; Maps: 207-219
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