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Crossing to Avalon: A Women’s Midlife Pilgrimage

Bolen, Jean Shinoda

 For people interested in how EHEs are carriers of meaning and transformers of consciousness, this book stands out as an exemplar. Bolen takes you inside the EHE process in a recent period of her life. She describes the experiences she had and how they changed her. It all started with a synchronistic EHE. At a time when she was in a period of liminality, or transition, in her life, out of the blue a stranger offered to design a pilgrimage for her to visit key European sites, expenses paid. It was just what she needed to leave the old life and embark on a new one. It began with meeting the Dalai Lama in Amsterdam, then visits to Chartres Cathedral, Glastonbury and the (now) mythical Avalon, Findhorn, Iona, and other sacred sites. Throughout she discovers new meanings to the imagery of the Grail, Avalon, and the Goddess. Just as, in the past, pilgrimages of male explorers of the sacred had relevance to women, the accounts in this book, as the publisher points out, portrays "an adventure through midlife that brings myth and meaning to women’s lives, will be helpful to men in charting the course of their journey to the sacred. Avalon was the home not only of priestesses of the Goddess but male druids and wise men. I believe we are all here to find Avalon, and now the only way to summon the barge is to follow in our own unique ways the trail that our EHEs provide us. This book records one such journey and sets forth a pattern we all can follow, if we will.
Publisher Information:New York: HarperCollins, 1994. x + 303p. Ind: 285-301; 1 map; 71 refs
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