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Unexpected Miracles: The Gift of Synchronicity and How to Open It

Richo, David

 The thesis of David Richo, who is a psychotherapist, is that synchronicity plays a role in the evolution of consciousness. In studying the broad range of exceptional human experiences (EHEs) this is often the case, and synchronicity is not only one type of potential EHE but it seems to be the glue that bonds together various EHEs with meaning. He also observes that meaningful coincidences or synchronicities are "destiny-fulfilling." At first blush this seemed to me to be going too far, yet I have often said that EHEs are hachemarks indicating one’s unique path, so I’ve been saying the same thing and should face up to its full import. Finally, he says (in the prologue) that "every experience of synchronicity is a daring invitation to let go of ego long enough to design a destiny in accord with the purposes of love" (p. 12). Finally, among other qualities of synchronicity, he says, "it grants us moments that reveal eternity to be the ground of our being" (p. 13). He also has his own definition of spirituality, which he sees as "the intersection of three paths: letting go of ego, an unconditional yes to the conditions of human existence, and an immeasurable passion" (p. 14). He promises that this book will enable the reader to "really feel and see the underlying significance of your story and the world’s story, one and the same" (p. 14). In a nice twist, he says it is "not new-age but age-old in its perspectives" (p. 17). (Obviously he is an apt creator of felicitous words and phrases.) The cover says the book is filled with examples, but this does not seem to be the case, nor need it be. I would say it builds on his own experience and what he has learned at first hand. It is filled with wisdom statements and practical suggestions for putting synchronicity to work in transforming lives. Each chapter has one or more sections labeled Practice, which show readers how to see for themselves how they can make what he teaches work in their own lives. This is an intense and lively book.
Publisher Information:New York: Crossroad, 1998. 189p. 4 illus
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