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The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light

Clow, Barbara Hand

This is a book of cosmic teachings from the Pleiadians through Barbara Hand Clow, who appears to be a highly developed human in her own right. The teachings differ from most channeled communications because of their literally cosmic scope. I must confess my "boggle threshold" has to stretch to contain it. But among the points hammered home in many ways, there are three basics that resonate with my growing perception of wondrous reality, based largely on what I have learned from EHEers. One is the message I took from Tom Berry’s Dream of the Earth which is that each of us is not an isolated speck on the Earth which is in the Universe, but each of us is the Universe, in which case, cosmic communication, should be the norm. Universe, by the way, is defined by cosmologist Brian Swimme in his outstanding foreword to this book as "simply the universe of stars and topsoil and amphibians and mammals and insects and rivers and wetlands" (p. xiv). Second, Berry wrote about genetic guidance and how we must inscend, go within, follow our dreams and visions (i.e., EHEs) to reach the cellular knowledge we need to make all Earth species, including our own, and Earth itself, flourish. Third, Berry also holds that we are meant to be stewards of Earth. These same points are made in this book.

Clow quotes the Pleiadians’ definition of cosmology: "A story of existence in time that awakens your cellular memory. What is cellular memory?…the memory of all that has ever occurred in the universe that is encoded right in the cells in your body" (p. xxi). The primary message of the book is that we have entered a period in which each person must choose whether to live as a zombie (the current Western media-mediated view of life) or as "an exquisitely green planet with community celebrations at sacred sites," in which you are telepathic and you are seers. You enhance the natural forces¾ nature—of your planet instead of clutter it with artificial things" (p. xxvii). There is more, much more, and I urge you to read it to find out. It sounds like it just might be "good enough to be true." The message is that this can happen if we allow the stellar components of our cellular matrix to awaken. This will open us to other dimensions, which is a necessity if we are to first heal ourselves and then our planet.

Publisher Information:Sante Fe, NM: Bear, 1995.Pp. xi + 303. Appendix A. Astrological Transits, 1972 to the end of the Mayan Great Calendar, December 21, 2012: 247-253; Appendix B. The Timing of the Solar System’s Entry Into the Photon Band: 255-259; Chapnotes: 281-292; 15 figs; Glos: 293-297; Ind: 299-303
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