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EHE Process/Spiritual Path ,Spirituality

A Vision of the Aquarian Age: The Emerging Spiritual World View. by Trevelyan, George
Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality. by Tart, Charles T. (Ed.).
Changing Images of Man. by Markley, O.W., & Harman, Willis W. (Eds)
Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. by Govinda, Anagarika
Dialogues With Scientists and Sages: The Search for Unity. by Weber, Renee
In the Wake of the Goddesses: Women, Culture, and the Biblical Transformation of Pagan Myth. by Frymer-Kensky, Tikva
Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality. by Newell, J. Philip
Living in the Lap of the Goddess: The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America. by Eller, Cynthia
Modern Woman in Search of Soul. by Singer, June
Modern-Day-Miracles: How Ordinary People Experience Supernatural Acts of God. by Prather, Paul
Mystics, Magicians, and Medicine People: Tales of a Wanderer. by Boyd, Doug
New Age Encyclopedia. by Melton, J. Gordon, Clark, Jerome, & Kelly, Aidan A.
Open Mind, Discriminating Mind: Reflections on Human Possibilities. by Tart, Charles T.
Psychology and Religion: Eight Points of View (3d ed.). by Fuller, Andrew R.
Social Science and the Cults: An Annotated Bibliography. by Saliba, John A.
Sophia-Maria: A Holistic Vision of Creation. by Schipflinger, Thomas
Sophia: Aspects of the Divine Feminine Past and Present. by Schaup, Susanne
Spirituality and Human Nature. by Evans, Donald
The American Emergency: A Search for Spiritual Renewal in an Age of Materialism. by Briggs, Robert
The New Consciousness Sourcebook: Spiritual Community Guide (6th ed.). by Khalsa, Dharam Kaur (Ed.)
The Psychology of Religion: An Empirical Approach (2nd ed.). by Hood, Ralph W., Jr., Spilka, Bernard, Hunsberger, Bruce, & Corsuch, Richard

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