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Voices on the Threshold of Tomorrow: 145 Views of the New Millennium

Feuerstein, Georg, & Feuerstein, Trisha Lamb. (Eds.).

 The editors queried a number of leading spokespersons for many disciplines who were asked to briefly express their "hopes and fears about the future from their particular area of expertise or primary interest" (p. xv). The Feuersteins "intend the present chorus of voices to be a catalyst for the benign forces that are presently shaping our future" (p. xvi). Precognition, in the broad sense of prophecy, seemed to be the best of our categories under which to place this anthology, although it could have been placed under New Age or Spirituality. Essays are included by 145 respondents, which the editors have placed in 10 categories, which I will list, citing for each one or two essays that had strong personal appeal for me. I am sure that every essay would have personal appeal for many, so I make no claim those cited are "better" than the others. I urge that all of them be read. The full impact is quite staggering. One can palpably feel that the human species is slap-dab in the middle of an important crisis/process, has been in an important process right along, and if we wake up to it, will continue to engage in a process beyond even the wildest imaginings expressed in this stimulating volume. The first section, Opening Perspectives, contains 14 essays, including Barbara Marx Hubbard's "The Birth of Universal Humanity" and C.B. Scott Jones's "The Universe Our Home." The second, A Place for Hope and Realism, contains 13 essays, including Jeremy Tarcher's "The `Wondrous Central Point' Beyond All Evil," and Colin Wilson's "Consciousness Will Change Everything." There are 12 contributions in Visionary Philosophy, Evolutionary Vision. I especially liked David Seaman's "Seeing With New Eyes: Phenomenology and the New Millennium" and Peter Russell's "The Birth of Homo Sapiens Sapiens Sapiens." Of the 10 essays in The Social Dimension, I was drawn to Justine and Michael Tom's "Good News" and Allen B. Chinen's "Back to the Future." There are 12 contributions on Science, Economics, and Nature, and I recommend Brian Swimme's "Cosmogenesis" and Beverly Rubik's "Changing Science, Changing Ourselves." Minding the Body, Embodying the Mind contains 21 essays and I like especially "Changing the Self to Change the World" by Willis Harman and "We Heal the Planet as We Heal Ourselves" by Yogi Amrit Desai. There are 25 contributions under The New Morality. Of special interest to me were "Giving Back the Gifts of Earth" by Brooke Medicine Eagle and "Dreams and a New Politics of Connectedness" by Montague Ullman. Two of my favorites from Peace and Harmony are Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence's "The Owl's Call: A Meditation in Interspecies Reciprocity" and Jim Bolen's "The Case for Global Environmental Governance." Of the 18 pieces on Spirituality, I especially liked Bonnie Greenwell's "Chaos and Transition" and Valerie Kudrow's "The Liturgy of Surrender." The last section, Recovering Spiritual Practice, has 7 essays. I liked Anna Halprin's "Recovering the Lost Language of Dance" and John Seed's "For the Earth." I urge you to read these essays and take your place in renewing yourself and our world as we enter the 21st century.
Publisher Information:Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 1993. 442p. Ind: 429-442
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