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Projects of Transcendence
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Rune Power: The Secret Knowledge of the Wise Ones

Meadows, Kenneth

 The author has developed an educational system called shamanics, which is a "process of personal development and life enhancement derived from a distillation of shamanic wisdom from cultures and traditions worldwide" (unpaged). This book is about a specific type of shamanism, one concerned with runes. Meadows notes that it is very similar to perceptions of the North American Indians and Taoist wisdom. Runes are angular shapes written on a smooth surface, carved in wood, or engraved in stone or on personal belongings" (p. xii). Runes "can teach us the importance of looking within and experiencing for ourselves the relationship between the physical and the spiritual, ... the outside and the inside. By so doing we come to a realization that the physical, mental and spiritual are not separate and divided, but different facets of a total, composite wholeness" (p. xiii). Meadows holds that "each Runic character is a pattern or carrier of an energy-potency that precedes substance. It is a vessel of a basic constituent activity within Nature and within ourselves which, when activated and released, generates movement" (p. xiv). They empower activity. If honored rather than manipulated, Meadows says by understanding the Runes we come to understand the Earth, the universe, and ourselves. This is what the book is about. He tells how to craft your own runes, activate the runes, perform runic writing and divination, and caste runes. Thus the techniques set forth here serve as a time-honored form of project of transcendence. This is an excellent guide.
Publisher Information:Rockport, MA: Element, 1996. xv +262; 29 figs; Glossary: 246-254; Suggested reading: 255-256
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