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Cultivating Consciousness:Enhancing Human Potential, Wellness, and Healing

Rao, K. Ramakrishna (Ed.)

 The chapters in this volume were originally given as papers at a conference with the same title as the book. The conference was held in commemoration of the birth centenary of Louisa E. Rhine, whose work Rao reviews in the Introduction. Louisa E. Rhine pioneered in the study of spontaneous psychic (psi) experiences. The editor notes that the purposes of the contributions in this work was to "call attention to the importance of consciousness research and its implications for improving the human condition" and to discuss "consciousness as an aspect of our being that sees beyond the mechanistic perspectives provided by those disciplines that ignore or deny the existence of consciousness" (p. 2) presented by scholars representing several diverse disciplines and viewpoints. This diversity is evident from a list of titles and their presenters, which were as follows: Does Further Progress in Consciousness Research Await a Reassessment of the Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science?, by Willis W. Harman; Getting Clear About Wholeness: A Critical Response to Harman, by Stephen E. Braude; Facilitating the Study of Consciousness: Emerging Themes on the Frontiers of Science, by Thomas J. Hurley III; What is Consciousness and Why Is It So Problematic?, by David R. Griffin; Some Epistemological Problems Inherent in the Scientific Study of Consciousness, by Eugene Taylor; Cultivating Consciousness: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues, by R. Ramakrishna Rao; Embracing the Subtle: The Emerging Paradigm in Relation to the Subtle Realms, by Beverly Rubik; The Complementarity of Consciousness, by Robert G. Jahn; Mind Embodied: Computer-Generated Virtual Reality as a New, Dualistic-Interactive Model for Transpersonal Psychology, by Charles T. Tart; Current Hypotheses about the Nature of the Mind-Brain Relationship and Their Relationship to Findings in Parapsychology, by Jean E. Burns; Co-Operator Experiments with an REG Device, by Brenda J. Dunne; The Power of Imagination: Toward a Philosophy of Healing, by Michael Grosso; Inner Teachers and Transcendent Education, by Alfred S. Alschuler; Consciousness and Well-Being, by Neil Rossman; The Scene and the Screen: The Nature of Reality, by T.M. Srinivasan; and On the Trail of Survival: A Key to Expanded Knowledge, by Claiborne Pell.
Publisher Information:Westport, CT: Praeger, 1993. 236p. Author Index: 229-230; Bibl: 215-227; 12 figs; Subject Index: 231-234; 4 tables
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