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Altered States/Dissociation
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Handbook of States of Consciousness

Wolman, Benjamin B., & Ullman, Montague (Eds.)

 This anthology of 20 articles (only one of them previously published) describes different approaches to states of consciousness. There are 7 contributions to Part One: Theory. Three of these might be of interest to parapsychologists: "Hypnosis, Multiple Personality, and Ego States as Altered States of Consciousness," by J.G. Watkins and H.H. Watkins; "Lucid Dreaming," by S. LaBerge and J. Gackenbach; and "Personal Experience as a Conceptual Tool for Modes of Consciousness," by E.M. Pattison and J. Kahan. Part Two: Manifestations, contains 8 chapters, of which 3 seem especially important: "Working in Isolation: States that Alter Consensus," by F. Jeffrey; "Trance and Possession States," by E.M. Pattison, J. Kahan, and G.S. Hurd, and "Psi Phenomena as Related to Altered States of Consciousness," by S. Krippner and L. George. Part Three: Accessibility, contains 5 chapters, all of some interest to parapsychologists. They are "Meditation as an Access to Altered States of Consciousness," by P. Carrington; "Access to Dreams," by M. Ullman; "Biofeedback and States of Consciousness," by E.E. Green and A.M. Green; "Becoming Lucid in Dreams and Waking LIfe" by J.R. Malamud, and "The Mystical Way and Habitualization of Mystical States," by J.H.M. Whiteman. There are Name and Subject Indexes. In addition to the Krippner and George chapter, parapsychology is touched on by Whiteman. B. Wolman, in a chapter entitled "Protconscious and Psychopathology," has a subsection about schizophrenia and psi.
Publisher Information:New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1986. 672p. Bibliography: 657-659; Chapter bibliographies; 14 figs; Name Index: 661-668; Subject Index: 669-672; 5 tables
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