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Slowmotional Meditation (Bradykinesthesia)

Howard, Colin F.

The author has pioneered and here describes a new way to achieve transcendent experiences via slowed physical movements, or "slowmotional meditation." Howard has discovered that "a slower than normal rate for perceiving our own movements, as well as the motion all around us, opens up a new or different dimension. Simply by slowing our normal actions we consciously "merge with motion" while still remaining functional and observant" (p. 10). He has developed techniques of meditating with movement, and uses "Bradykinesthesia" (BK) as the technical term for it. BK generates KI, or kinetic imagery. On p. 115 he suggests that KZ may be associated with parapsychological phenomena. By following this technique experiences of transcendence occur that lead to the experience of delinearized time where one is in the moment but not of it.

There are five main parts to this book: "Basic Bradykinesthesia" (15 chapters), "Kinetic Imagery" (five chapters), "Midlevel Meditation" (seven chapters), "Advanced Meditation (Kinecstasy) (five chapters), and Kairokinesis (five chapters). The latter is the experience of becoming motion itself from which one moves "with universal celerity" and becomes "spontaneous, frictionless, timeless, tireless, and .. . dauntless" (p. 201). Here he deals briefly with interesting topics such as motional stillness, inspired walking, firewalking, the dowser's walk, Tibetan trance walkers, and levitation (or walking on air). Among other topics, BK and OBEs are discussed in an Appendix.

Publisher Information:Arlington, VA: Olam Publications, 1987. 359p. Chap notes; 4 figs
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