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EHE Process/Spiritual Path

Art Is a Way of Knowing. by Allen, Pat B.
Beyond Turmoil: A Guide to Renewal Through Deep Personal Change. by Mack, Alice
Breakpoint and Beyond: Mastering the Future—Today. by Land, George, & Jarman, Beth
Fire in the Crucible: The Self-Creation of Creativity and Genius. by Briggs, John
Following Your Path: Using Myths, Symbols, and Images to Explore Your Inner Life. by Dickerman, Alexandra Collins
Individuation and the Absolute: Hegel, Jung, and the Path Toward Wholeness. by Kelly, Sean
Interview With an Angel. by Thayer, Steven J., & Nathanson, Linda Sue
Inviting the Mystic, Supporting the Prophet: An Introduction to Spiritual Direction. by Dyckman, Katherine Marie, & Carroll, L. Patrick
Opening to Inner Light: The Transformation of Human Nature and Consciousness. by Metzner, Ralph
Spiritual Choices: The Problem of Recognizing Authentic Paths to Inner Transformation. by Anthony, Dick, Ecker, Bruce, & Wilber, Ken (Eds.)
Spiritual Path, Sacred Place: Myth, Ritual, and Meaning in Architecture. by Barrie, Thomas
The Common Experience: Signposts on the Path to Enlightenment. by Cohen, J.M., & Phipps, J-F.
The Ego and the Dynamic Ground: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development. by Washburn, Michael
The Heroine's Journey. by Murdock, Maureen
The Path of the Everyday Hero: Drawing on the Power of Myth to Meet Life's Most Important Challenges. by Catford, Lorna, & Ray, Michael
The Roaring of the Sacred River: The Wilderness Quest for Vision and Self-Healing. by Foster, Steven, & Little, Meredith
The Sensitives: Dynamics and Dangers of Mysticism (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Vol. 11). by Brunton, Paul
The Unfolding Self: Varieties of Transformative Experience. by Metzner, Ralph
Transforming Depression: Egocide, Symbolic Death, and New Life. by Rosen, David H.
Understanding the Occult: Fragmentation and Repair of the Self. by Gay, Volney P.
Visionary Worlds: The Making and Unmaking of Reality. by Irwin, Lee
Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage. by Karpinski, Gloria D.

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