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Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors: A Cooperative Study of the Entity Enigma

Evans, Hilary

 The author is Director of the Mary Evans Picture Library in London and is concerned with the many different kinds of experiences people have had "in which they seem to see a more-or-less human-like figure which there are good reasons for believing is not as `real' as it seems to be" (p. 11). He asks of an experience of this type: "If it is not real in the accepted sense, is it real in any other sense, or totally unreal? And are all of these varied experiences real/unreal in the same way and to the same degree? Are they, indeed, the same kind of experience in different forms, or a variety of experiences with a superficial similarity?" (p. 11). The variety of experiences he considers as types of the "entity" experience is wide: religious visions, apparitions, demons, dream images, imaginary playmates, tulpas, extraterrestrial visitors, and the double. The first part is a general discussion of the meaning of "reality," "identity," and "entity." The second part covers various means employed to deliberately induce the manifestation of an entity. The last part discusses relevant studies and offers several hypotheses to account for the entity experience.
Publisher Information:Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England: Aquarian Press, 1984. 320p. (Distributed in the United States by Sterling, New York.) Bibliography: 311-318; 4 figures; 17 illustrations; Index: 319-320; 1 table
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