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Women of Power and Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time

Conway, Timothy

 Conway presents biographies of nine women who are spiritual leaders. He notes they have one common characteristic: each one "risked everything, stepping beyond all limiting conventions to rely on that wondrous Power we call God or Goddess. ... One with the Divine, they now serve as potent instruments of Divine Blessing. They can transform your life!" (p. 13). These women are exemplars of authentic spirituality, and Conway offers their biographies in the hope that they can serve as role models. In addition, he refers to the phenomenon of "blessing or empowerment" which appears to be based on our being connected at base. Simply reading about such persons, he says, "can transmit this ‘Grace-full’ blessing-force to any individual ready to receive and use this Divine energy" (p. 16). We consider this a form of exceptional human experience. In a more secular situation, there is charisma. Even in "ordinary" relationships, the beloved has the ability, though often only temporarily, to raise and deepen the level of being of the loved one. Conway has chosen well, using representations of different faiths and geographic areas. It is instructive to observe the similarities in the lives, which in effect appear to be evidencing a template of higher states of human being than we in the West are taught are possible. The 9 women Conway portrays are Frances Cabrini, Therese Neumann, the Russian Pelagiai Maria Skobtsova, another Russian, Hazrot Babajan, an Afghani princess who became a Sufi saint; the Indian Anandamayi Ma, known as "Gurus to the gurus"; Anasuya Devi, a divine incarnation known as "Mother of all"; Shyama Mataji, and Mata Amritanandamayi.
Publisher Information:Santa Barbara, CA: Wake Up Press, 1994. 351p. Chap. notes: 333-351; Pronunciation guide: 332
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