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Beyond Turmoil: A Guide to Renewal Through Deep Personal Change

Mack, Alice

 This relatively slim volume packs a life-time of personally-won wisdom and carries the message of consciousness growth and renewal to individuals, and through them to businesses and corporations, and through them to a renewal of our planet. The author, who has been in business for many years, was a first-hand observer of how personal transformation entails life-work change as well. Over several years her own business, Connexions Unlimited, evolved as she did. Connexions Unlimited is an educational and service organization dedicated to helping organizations and individuals with transformative change. An associated Learning Center offers programs emphasizing experiences that assist businesses to integrate profound personal-organizational changes. She presents her own model of self-transformation in 9 chapters, each one illustrating one of the stages of growth, starting with "Despair as a Signal: How the Psyche Unfolds" through "Rewards of the Journey: The Renewed, Creative Person." At all stages she mentions the life-stage renewal approaches of others, such as Alexander Lowen, Arthur Deikman, Stanislav and Christina Grof, Carl Jung, Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, Evelyn Underhill, Ken Wilber, and more. She also provides many anonymous real-life examples that illustrate the many phases of the stages of growth. Mack is unusual in her ability to pack so much practical, down-to-earth advice and yet at the same time provide an integrated theoretical foundation in 139 pages of text. If you take up this work to renew your business, you will find yourself seeking self-renewal first. If you take it up to spur your personal growth, as you progress you will either make changes in your workplace or, more likely, in synergistic and creative ways you will find or create a vocation that seems tailor-made for you and you for it. This book fully delivers what the subtitle promises: A Guide to Renewal Through Deep Personal Change. The lengthy bibliography also forms a useful guide to supplemental reading.
Publisher Information:Tucson, AZ: Connexions Unlimited, 1992. 160p. Bibl: 146-150; 6 figs; 2 tables
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