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Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search

Dossey, Larry

 Physician Larry Dossey sets forth his concept of the nonlocal mind, which is not limited in time, space, or individual persons. He emphasizes the spiritual significance of this view. The nonlocal mind opens up the possibility of survival of death, free will, and the interconnectedness of human beings. The latter would underwrite a new morality. Moreover, citing James Hillman, he points out that heeding our own soul has global significance. This book is about reconceptualizing who we are. Unless we recover our souls, the world, too, will be lost. The first chapter is on various nonlocal experiences that demonstrate "the reach of the mind" in ESP, PK, out-of-body experiences, creativity, etc. He underlines the importance of "paying attention to the manifestations of the timeless mind." In a chapter on "The Power of the Nonlocal Mind" he discusses prayer and nonlocal (psychic) healing. He also cites research that shows that within the individual, the mind is not limited to the brain but permeates the body via the blood. Research also reveals that the chemical structure of humans and other life forms is the same. This sets the stage for the next chapter, which is about human-animal communication. Whereas Part I is primarily speculative and anecdotal, Part II is an attempt to review the scientific evidence for nonlocality as indicated by the work of physicists Erwin Schrödinger and Albert Einstein and mathematician-logician Kurt Gödel. Dossey argues that these men present "a view of man beyond the individual and the body, of man beyond space and time" (p. 124), and they believed that their theories were "not inconsistent with other scientific evidence" (p. 124). He also draws on the work of David Bohm, Henry Margenau, Rupert Sheldrake, Robert Jahn, and Brenda Dunne. In Part III, "God: The Synthesis," he deals with the spiritual implications of the nonlocal mind, healing and nonlocality, and in the return of the repressed, or that nonlocality will have its way in the end, because it is real, and it is larger than the encapsulated individual self.
Publisher Information:New York: Bantam, 1989. 319p. Chap. bibl: 292-309; Index: 311-319
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