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Einstein's Space and Van Gogh's Sky: Physical Reality and Beyond

LeShan, Lawrence, & Margenau, Henry

 Psychologist LeShan and physicist Margenau hold that in order to progress in science and to have data that is lawful, one set of principles about how reality works is insufficient. A number of alternate realities must be allowed for. They specify five: sensory realm; microcosm, or the too small to be sensed even theoretically; the macrocosm, or the too large to be sensed even theoretically; meaningful units of behavior of living things; and human inner experience. Physics has led the way in devising alternate interpretations of the reality of different experiential realms, but they cannot be applied to inner experiences or meaningful behavior. "Here, constructions of reality are needed that make the data from these realms lawful, not constructions borrowed from other realms" (p. 21). Our organization of reality is what we observe of it and different organizations of it work best for different purposes. However, it must be organized lawfully, not whimsically. "It (`reality') is somehow there, but we alloy it into being with our consciousness" (p. 26). There is a chapter on parapsychology in which they discuss the attitudes toward psi and offer suggestions for research into need-determined psi as opposed to flaw-determined psi.
Publisher Information:New York: Macmillan, 1982. 268p. Chapter notes; 10 figures; Index: 261-268; 2 tables
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