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Ahead of Time: The Mystery of Precognition

Bardens, Dennis

 This is a collection of precognition cases aimed at a popular audience. It is the fourth such book written by British journalist and former BBC editor Bardens. He begins with an introductory chapter, giving some of his own seeming premonitions and those of others who acted as though they had had some knowledge of future events, and he recommends the theory of J.W. Dunne without mentioning the several criticisms of it. Each of the following chapters is devoted to a specific case in which a specific detail or details of a future circumstance were known in advance without normal means of explanation. One is on Paul Czarneck, who predicted at 6 that he would die when he was 8; several precognitive dreams of Valerie Goodsell; Muriel, Lady Dowding's experience of "seeing" and speaking to her second husband, Lord Dowding, before they had met each other; the precognitive dreams of the fifth Marchioness of Bath; a chapter recounting precognitive dreams of different people; one on "time slips," in which one sees as if present something that has not happened and mistakes it for occurring in the present; one on the association between precognition and aviation; another on precognition and gambling, finding treasure, and invention; precognized crimes; another chapter relating several specific precognitions; and precognition of disasters. He closes with a theoretical chapter in which he opts for at least a limited form of predetermination.
Publisher Information:London, England: Robert Hale, 1991. 175p. 1 fig; 15 illus; Index: 172-175
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