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Liquid Light of Sex: Kundalini Rising at Mid-Life Crisis (2nd ed)

Clow, Barbara Hand

Clow presents a new theory that connects astrology, kundalini, and human development from the personal to the cosmic level. Richard Gerber, in the introduction, relates her theory to energy medicine. Her theory developed in response to the large number of clients she counseled who were undergoing a spiritual crisis around age 40 when Kundalini was rising. She points out that the rising of Kundalini does not usually result in enlightenment, but the same stress symptoms are noted. She adds, "If a person is also seeking total opening of the heart and spiritual illumination, there will be much more seeking of spirit to come" (p. xiv). Moreover, more people may be encouraged to undertake spiritual growth if they recognize that what is happening is a "growth process and not just ... an aging, health, or relationship crisis" (p. xv). She also holds up the possibility that enlightenment for the masses could perhaps be realized if enough people … become enlightened to make a critical mass" (p. xv). At base, she says what she presents in this book is "a way to grow into our light bodies by letting go and allowing the natural cycles and energies to trigger growth as if we were plants. By not trying to discover the dark while in the Sun, or trying to find the light in the night, life is easier" (p. xvii).

According to Clow, if what we feel the world most needs now is compassion, which I for one think is the case, then we will not get compassion that is within our control until "we first raise kundalini and then consciously direct the divine energy into opening the heart" (p. xv). This is a major focus of chapter 7. She ends with a chapter on a possible "global shamanic paradigm."

Publisher Information:Santa Fe, NM: Bear, 1996. Pp. xxx + 256. Appendix 1: Table 1: Key Life Passages: 177-197; Appendix 2: Table 2: Key Chiron Passages: 199-220; 21 figs; 54 refs; 76 tables
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