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Gods—Spirits—Cosmic Guardians: A Comparative Study of the Encounter Experience

Evans, Hilary

 This is a sequel to Evans' earlier survey, Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors [726], which was a comparative study of sightings. The present book surveys actual encounters with other beings. He says: "By contact or encounter I mean an event in which a person believes himself in direct and personal contact with an entity. Generally I use encounter when there seems to have been a face-to-face meeting as between two persons, and contact where somewhat less is involved, for instance where no words are spoken, or the entity is sensed but not seen" (p. 14). He presents representative cases from 15 types of encounters: with divinities, God and other gods, angels, the Virgin Mary and other saintly beings, Satan and other demonic beings, folklore entities, spirits, crisis apparitions, seance-room spirits, dark forces, extraterrestrials, Martians, contact encounters, and cosmic guardians. Next he examines the process of encounter, including sections on hallucinations and altered states, triggers and catalysts, and projection and psychodrama. Then he considers the context of the encounter, followed by a chapter on understanding the encounter experience. In the final chapter, Evans presents his model of what happens in the encounter experience. There is a 273-item bibliography consisting primarily of case material.
Publisher Information:Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England: Aquarian Press, 1987. 287p. Bibliography: 271-281; 23 illustrations; Index: 283-287
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