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Theoretical Approaches
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The Philosophy of Parapsychology

Shapin, Betty, & Coly, Lisette (Eds.).

 This is the proceedings of a conference held by the Parapsychology Foundation in Copenhagen in August, 1976. It contains 15 papers by 16 participants, together with the discussion that followed each. On the whole the contributions deal with theories of specific types of psi phenomena or general discussions of philosophy and parapsychology, and paradigms in parapsychology in particular. The participants and the titles of their papers are R.G. Stanford, "Are Parapsychologists Paradigmless in Psiland?"; P.A. French, "On the Possibility of a Causal Theory of Extrasensory Perceptual Knowledge"; J. Beloff, "Backward Causation"; L. LeShan, "Philosophy and Parapsychology: Impossible Bedfellows or the Marriage of the Future?"; H. Bender, "Meaningful Coincidences in the Light of Jung-Pauli's Theory of Synchronicity"; F.C. Dommeyer, "An Acausal Theory of Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis"; H.L. Edge, "The Place of Paradigms in Parapsychology"; R. Haynes, "Philosophy and the Unpredictable: A Retrospective"; J.F. Nicol, "Philosophers as Psychic Investigators"; T. Penelhum, "Survival and Identity: Some Recent Discussions"; S.C. Thakur, "Parapsychology in Search of a Paradigm"; S.H. Mauskopf and M.R. McVaugh, "Parapsychology and the American Psychologists: A Study of Scientific Ambivalence"; P. Janin, "Psychism and Chance"; R. Ejvegaard, "A Philosophical Analysis of Telepathy"; and E. Servadio, "Parapsychology and the `Ultimate Reality.'"
Publisher Information:New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1977. 295p. Chapter references; 2 figures; 1 table
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