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Projects of Transcendence
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The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: A Citizen Forester’s Guide to Healing Your Neighborhood, Your City, and Your World

Tree People, with Lipkis, Andy, & Lipkis, Katie

 This most unusual and marvelous book illustrates the personal, social, and global significance of the act of planting a seed. It is also analogous to exceptional experiences, which I and others have likened to a seed, which when allowed to come to full fruition can have far-reaching transformative personal, social, and planetary effects. In the foreword the Tree people point out that "against the backdrop of ... the degradation of the planet. ... planting trees and nurturing them to maturity is one thing an individual can do to put society on the track to a sustainable future" (p. viii). The lesson here is that planting a tree demands "care—our continued involvement, interest, and nurturing. Without it, they die. Planting has the ability to transform our own behavior and that of our culture" (p. 1). The analogy with EHEs is striking. Without attention people in Western culture reach mid-adulthood insisting they have never had an EHE, comparable to many cities and neighborhoods no longer watched over by trees—in the name or progress. "Tree planting takes the simple act of an individual and elevates it, revealing the truth about where true power rests in the world" (p. 1). Planting a tree, as here described, is a Project of Transcendence. This book is aimed primarily at urban centers. The chapter titles are: The Urban Forest Possible; Whenever Two or More Are Gathered Together: Organizing Your Community; Getting It Together: Planning and Funding Your Project; The Creation Unveiled: Producing Your Event; Take It to the Streets: The Million Tree Story; Do the Right Thing: Planting Your Tree; It’s Not Easy Being Green: Caring for Urban Trees. The last parts consist of a detailed Planting Project Workbook and a Tree Care Project Workbook. There is a section of Resources and information on the TreePeople project and people.
Publisher Information:Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1990. 237p. 35 figs; 1 graph; 116 illus
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