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Ask Your Angels

Daniel, Alma, Wyllie, Timothy, & Ramer, Andrew

This seamless but nonetheless joint work is written by the three named authors in collaboration with their angels, who gave them the inspiration for the book, brought them together (with each other and with the publisher) and inspired much of the contents. It is hard not to take angels seriously after reading this book. Most importantly, from the viewpoint of exceptional human experience, the book is grounded in the authors’ own EHE autobiographies in Chapter 3, "How We Met Our Angels." They describe not only angelic encounters (one form of EHE) but many other types. This book could just as easily have been listed in these abstracts under Inspiration or Archetypes, but instead, it inspired me to initiate a new subject category, Angels, under which to place it, not only to honor its subject matter but all the other angel books, movies, TV shows, and magazine articles that have been appearing since the beginning of the 1990s. I tend to subsume them under the umbrella of exceptional human experiences, but the authors would subsume the over 100 types of EHEs we have delineated under the name of Angels, as indicated by three accounts of exceptional experiences (EEs) with which the book starts—dematerialization, macro PK, and invulnerability. The authors themselves say these are "true examples of mysterious happenings—incidents that defy rational, logical explanation" (p. 2), or anomalous experiences, a synonym for exceptional experience. To the authors, the EEs described were brought about by angels. I might in the past have thought of this as an instance of deus ex machina. I still prefer exceptional experience and exceptional human experience because those terms do not imply an explanation, yet honor a special form of knowing/being/doing/perceiving.

Nonetheless, this book is about exceptional and exceptional human experiences. All three authors began as atheistic or agnostic or negatively oriented toward angels. Their experiences changed them, and they tell why. They provide a history of angels in Part I. Part II gets into process—what they call the GRACE process, with chapters on the five steps: Grounding, Releasing, Alighting, Conversing, and Enjoying. Part III presents many exercises for developing and maintaining contact and working with angels in general and in specific situations: achieving goals, recovery and healing, in relationships, and in groups. Under whatever name, the book offers many answers and much sustenance for those who want to recognize their EEs and realize their potential in moving the experiencer forward in life.

Publisher Information:New York: Ballantine, 1992. 358p. Bibl: 355-358
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