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EHE Autobiographies

A Mystic Way: A Spiritual Autobiography. by Hagger, Nicholas
A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story. by Houston, Jean
A Psychic Explores the Unseen World: My Personal and World Wide Psychic Accounts and Their Application Toward Awakening the Latent Psychic and Higher Mind Powers of the Reader. Other Levels of Consciousness. Evidence for Survival After Death. by Sterner, Kay
A Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal-Writing Journey. by Schiwy, Marlene A.
An Experience of Enlightenment. by Courtois, Flora
Autobiographical Writing for Personal and Spiritual Development. by Sullivan, Paula Farrell
Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light. by Joy, W. Brugh
Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee. by Carlsberg, Kim. (Darryl Anka, illus.).
Crossing to Avalon: A Women’s Midlife Pilgrimage. by Bolen, Jean Shinoda
Death Comes Dancing: Celebrating with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. by Bharti, Ma Satya
Dolphins Telepathy & Underwater Birthing: Further Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences. by Wyllie, Timothy
Dolphins, ETs & Angels: Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences. by Wyllie, Timothy
Double Vision. by Cohen, Tamara, & Skutch, Judith
Dreams of a Woman: An Analyst's Inner Journey. by Moon, Sheila
Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations With Prominent Women. by Skog, Susan, and others
Experience and Philosophy: A Personal Record of Transformation and a Discussion of Transcendental Consciousness. by Merrell-Wolff, Franklin
Experiencing Ritual: A New Interpretation of African Healing. by Turner, Edith, with Blodgett, William, Kahona, Singleton, & Benwa, Fideli
Flashbacks: A Personal and Cultural History of An Era. An Autobiography. by Leary, Timothy
Funny You Should Say That. by Coburn, Chuck
Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber. by Wilber, Ken
Growing up Psychic: A Spiritual Journey. by Grady, Harvey
Hidden Journey: A Spiritual Awakening. by Harvey, Andrew
In the Presence of Aliens: A Personal Experience of Dual Consciousness. by Bergmark, Janet
John Lilly, So Far. by Jeffrey, Francis, & Lilly, John C.
Journey of the Heart: Spiritual Insights on the Road to a Transplant. by Bartlett, Elizabeth Ann
Journey Without Distance: The Story Behind A Course in Miracles. by Skutch, Robert
Life and Story: Autobiographies for a Narrative Psychology. by Lee, D. John (Ed.).
Light in My Darkness. by Keller, Helen
Love in Transition: The Bedtime Tales of Jesus—Vol. 4.. by Harrell, Margaret A.
Medicine Dream: A Nagual Woman’s Energetic Healing. by Tunneshende, Marilyn
Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing. by McMoneagle, Joseph
More Than Me: Confessions, Perceptions, and Inspirations of a Modern-Day Mystic. by Dhyana, Isana Mada Grace
Native Healer: Initiation Into an Ancient Art. by Lake, Medicine Grizzlybear
Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala. by Garfield, Patricia
Rewriting the Self: History, Memory, Narrative. by Freeman, Mark
Sangoma: My Odyssey Into the Spirit World of Africa. by Hall, James
Second Sight. by Orloff, Judith
Small Ecstasies. by Owens, Claire Myers
Soulmaker: True Stories From the Far Side of the Psyche. by Grosso, Mike
Soulmaking: Uncommon Paths to Self-Understanding (2nd ed). by Grosso, Michael
Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership. by Jaworsky, Joseph
The Breathing Cathedral: Feeling Our Way Into a Living Cosmos. by Heyneman, Martha
The Dove in the Stone: Finding the Sacred in the Commonplace. by Howell, Alice O.
The Eagle’s Quest: A Physicist’s Search for Truth in the Heart of the Shamanic World. by Wolf, Fred Alan
The Golden Handicap: A Spiritual Quest. A Polio Victim Asks, "Why?" and Turns His Life Around. by Oppenheim, Garrett, with Oppenheim, Gwen
The Lucid Dreamer: A Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds. by Godwin, Malcolm
The Promise of Paradise: A Woman's Intimate Story of the Perils of Life With Rajneesh. by Franklin, Satya Bharti
The Straight Path: A Story of Healing and Transformation in Fiji. by Katz, Richard
The Subtle Templates of God. by Doney, Mike O.
The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds. by Mitchell, Edgar, with Williams, Dwight
The World in Between: Christian Healing and the Struggle for Spiritual Survival. by Milingo, E.
Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness: An Exploration of Remote Viewing, ESP, Precognitive Dreaming, and Synchronicity. by Graff, Dale E.
Travels. by Crichton, Michael
Ultimate Journey. by Monroe, Robert
When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird: The Awakening of a Healer. by Perry, Foster
Writing Selves: Contemporary Feminist Autograph. by Perreault, Jeanne
Your Life as Story: Writing the New Autobiography. by Rainer, Tristine

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