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The Excaliber Briefing

Bearden, Thomas E.

 By a retired U.S. Army officer, this book is noteworthy because it is the first full-length study devoted mainly to psychotronics, or the use of psi for military purposes. Trained as a physicist, Bearden also presents a hypothesis of psi based on a broader theory he has developed concerning perception. He presents what he terms a "Physics of metaphysics." His theory also encompasses a concept of the evolution of consciousness in the human species via what he calls " mind linkage." Bearden`s theory, which conceives of the collective human unconscious as an entity, covers many kinds of unexplained phenomena such as Sasquatch and UFO's, not just psi phenomena. The positive side of psychotronics, in Bearden's view, is that by means of it "the minds of all men can be linked into a great supermind having absolute psychokinetic mastery over time and space—literally a godlike being, in whom the collective human unconscious has a collective conscious instead of the four billion fragmented individual personal conscious minds it has at present."
Publisher Information:San Francisco: Strawberry Hill Press, 1980. 226p. Bibl.: 263-266. 59 illus. 68 refs
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