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Human Development/Consciousness Evolution
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Frontiers of the Soul: Exploring Psychic Evolution

Grosso, Michael

 Grosso, who is a philosopher who has written several key articles on parapsychological topics, is of the opinion that we should cease being defensive about the existence of psi abilities. Instead, we should start to explore their significance. In this book, he uses psi research "as a tool for revisioning the relation between religion and evolution" (p. 19). He examines the God-idea, the origins of Christianity, and St. Paul's conversion from a psychic perspective. He argues that there is a transcendent psychic factor at the core of each. He develops a parapsychology of God, which includes petitionary prayer, OBEs, and NDEs. Internal attention states, the role of will, the power of belief, and telepathy, concluding that "our higher spiritual powers are the fruits of this original psychic faculty. In the next chapter he illustrates how "original Christianity was a training ground for liberating supernormal powers" (p. 64). Early Christians were able to overthrow the inhibiting shackles of doubt and disbelief that imprison many today. There follow two chapters on survival. One is on fear of survival of death, suggesting that "the reality of an afterlife may best be proven by the creative manifestations in this life" (p. 79). He quotes Vico, who taught that "what is true and what we make true are one and the same" (p. 92). The philosophy of materialism has undercut the idea of an afterlife, and he proposes a theory of survival by PK. He closes with the longest section of the book, "Blueprint for Psychic Evolution," which includes chapters on guardian angels, the Eleusian mysteries, Padre Pio, Sai Baba, the Marion morphogenesis, UFO encounters, and a final chapter entitled "Beyond the Frontiers." He is enheartened because there is evidence suggesting "that the inner evolution of ordinary human beings may be accelerating in our times. Strange forces seem afoot that are catapulting people to new levels of consciousness, new value systems, new metaphysical outlooks. A growing store of remarkable facts declares the presence of unused faculties in the species and unknown energies awakening in our midst" (p. 226).
Publisher Information:Wheaton, IL: Theosophical Publishing House, 1992. 246p. Chap. bibl: 229-242; Index: 243-246
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