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Philosophical Interactions With Parapsychology: The Major Writings of H.H. Price on Parapsychology and Survival

Price, Henry Habberly. (Frank B. Dilley, Ed.).

 Philosopher Dilley has performed a great service in pulling together into one volume the writings of H.H. Price relevant to parapsychology. Price was well-known for his "rigorous works on perception, belief, and the relation between experience and understanding" (p. ix). Price was unusual in that he recognized the relevance of parapsychology to these key topics, and wrote several articles and reviews on parapsychological topics that are scattered throughout several specialized periodicals that are not easy to locate. In his Introduction, Dilley provides a helpful guide to Price’s philosophical principles, e.g., that "instead of Cartesian dualism, Price favored the view that a three-part analysis of the self was required—spirit, mind, and body" (p. xvii). The first part, "Writings on Parapsychology," consists of 8 chapters consisting either of an article by Price or an extract made from a larger work made by Dilley. A ninth chapter consists of four relevant book reviews by Price. The second part, "Writings on Survival," consists of four of Price’s articles and a book review article he wrote on C.J. Ducasse’s Nature, Mind and Death. Throughout the book Price’s treatment of parapsychological and death-related experiences includes reference to phenomenology and qualitative studies, thus providing a better bridge between parapsychological investigations and parapsychological experiences than most works on parapsychology. Moreover, the questions that interested Price are those that would be of concern to experiencers, although most likely not of much interest to experimenters. It is a great help to have all these works in one volume, even though the EHE Network’s Library contains most of the originals.
Publisher Information:New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1995. Pp. xix + 294. Bibl: 291-293; Chap. notes: Index of Discussions: 294
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