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More Than Me: Confessions, Perceptions, and Inspirations of a Modern-Day Mystic

Dhyana, Isana Mada Grace

 This is what I call an EHE autobiography, but it is an EHE autobiography carried to the nth degree. Isnamada (as her name is given in the text) describes many EHEs that changed her life and identity, but beyond that, this book demonstrates in itself the way EHEs awaken experiencers to their calling, and Isnamada not only describes the awakening to her call, but how it has unfolded for her thus far, what she has learned, and what she teaches. One of the most important gifts presented by More Than Me is that it illustrates, via autobiography, what it is like to live life nonlinearly—in which anything can happen and whatever it is one is able to surrender to it, and in so doing rise higher, spiral upward, downward, outward more fully. From years of frenetic search she went to the bubbling peace of knowing that she knew something she didn’t know—and that knowing has carried her onward multi-dimensionally. I can see all good scientists cringe at the meaninglessness of such a phrase, thus betraying their own unconsciousness. This autobiography from someone who is a be-er first, and a knower and doer only as an aftereffect, demonstrates fully in flesh and in time and space and in our world of videos, condos, violence, the Internet—how one can be both as limitless as the universe and rooted in each moment of time-space connectedness. I, as a student of exceptional human experience, would like to say that Isanamada heeded the call of her EHEs and doing so transformed her life. But what this book shows is that her call was heard via many different EHEs, some involving movement and sports activities such as biking and skiing, but she did not incorporate them as much as they enveloped her and carried her forward. This is an important work because of the examples it provides, the teachings it presents, and the fact that this author/be-er is a woman guru. We will need many more like her to restore balance to our own planet and know its (and our) place within the cosmos. I cannot pretend that this is an abstract as I usually write abstracts in this section, so I will end it as I am moved to do: "That which is beyond the stars is calling—will ye follow?"
Publisher Information:San Francisco, CA: Dhyana Press, 1993. 210p. Sugg. Readings: 207-209
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