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Science and Consciousness: Two Views of the Universe

Cazenave, Michel (Ed.)

 This is the proceedings of a colloquium organized to provide "a platform to those who are blazing the trail for a new epistemology" (p. vii). The term consciousness is used in this volume in its widest sense, as mind, spirit, or soul. There are six parts. The first contains 5 papers on "Quantum Mechanics and the Role of Consciousness" (by B. Josephson, F. Capra, O. Costa de Beauregard, R. Mattuck, and D. Bohm). The second part, "Neuropsychophysiology of Consciousness and States of Consciousness," contains 4 papers (by Y. Ikemi, A. Virel, P. Chauchard, and R. Fretigny). The third, "The Manifestations of the Psyche in Consciousness," contains 5 papers (by C.A. Meier, P. Solie, J.F. Zavala, E. Humbert, and J. Hillman). "The Odyssey of Consciousness" (Part IV) has 5 papers (by G. Durand, D.L. Miller, L. Askenazi, T. Izutsu, and K. Raine). Three contributions make up Part V, "Science and Consciousness" (by K. Pribram, G. Pegand, and W.H. Harman). Part VI, "Final Conclusions," contains papers by D. Bohm, P. Solie, and D. Shayegan. An appendix contains F. Selleri's "Von Neumann's Measurements and Consciousness: A Criticial Review." There are two papers on parapsychology: "A Quantum Mechanical Theory of the Interaction Between Consciousness and Matter" by Richard D. Mattuck and "Implications for Science and Society of Recent Findings in Psychological and Psychic Research" by Willis H. Harman.
Publisher Information:New York: Pergamon Press, 1984. 423p. Bibl. by chap; 27 figs; Ind: 417-423; 1 table
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