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Religion and Parapsychology

A Reader's Guide to the Church's Ministry of Healing. by Melton, J. Gordon
ESP in the Bible. by Heron, Laurence Tunstall
Frontiers of the Spirit: Studies in the Mystical and Psychical Areas in Observance of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Founding of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. by Higgins, Paul Lambourne (Ed.).
Miracles. by Ebon, Martin (Ed.).
Miracles: A Parascientific Inquiry into Wondrous Phenomena. by Rogo, D. Scott
Modern Miracles: An Investigative Report on Psychic Phenomena Associated with Sathya Sai Baba. by Haraldsson, Erlendur
Old and New Evidence on the Meaning of Life: The Mystical World-View and Inner Contest. Volume I. An Introduction to Scientific Mysticism. by Whiteman, J.H.M.
Parapsychology, Philosophy and Religious Concepts: Proceedings of an International Conference Held in Rome, Italy, August 23-24, 1985. by Shapin, Betty, & Coly, Lisette (Eds.).
Psychic Studies: A Christian's View. by Perry, Michael
The Biology of God: A Scientist's Study of Man the Religious Animal. by Hardy, Alister
The Christian and the Supernatural. by Kelsey, Morton T.
The Sacred and the Psychic: Parapsychology and Christian Theology. by Heaney, John J.
The Spiritual Nature of Man: A Study of Contemporary Religious Experience. by Hardy, Alister
The Way of Splendor: Jewish Mysticism and Modern Psychology. by Hoffman, Edward
Toward Recovery of the Primordial Tradition: Ancient Insights & Modern Discoveries. by Rossner, John L.
Transpersonal Psychologies. by Tart, Charles T. (Ed.).

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