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Dreams That Come True: Their Psychic and Transforming Powers

Ryback, David, with Sweitzer, Letitia

Ryback is a clinical psychologist who originally was skeptical about ESP in dreams but who became convinced by some startling experiences of others. He decided to canvass his students and found that 66.9% of 437 undergraduate students thought they had had psychic dreams. When he read their experiences, he decided 8.8% actually had had a psychic dream. His colleague, Letitia Sweitzer, also initially skeptical, joined him on the project of writing this book. She, too, became convinced by the accounts he had gathered, but by their personality qualities and "earthly realness." She also became interested in dreams that came true in a symbolic fashion, whereas Ryback was only interested in one-to-one correspondences between dream and event.

The dreams are described in several thematic chapters. Chapter 3 is on precognitive dreams. Telepathic or clairvoyant present-time dreams are the subject of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is about practical dreams--dreams that benefitted the dreamer. The next chapter offers practical advice on how to be open to psychic dreams and how to respond positively to them. In Chapter 7 Ryback describes his method of interpreting symbolic dreams in therapy. The next chapter is on combined psychic and symbolic dreams. Chapter 9 describes dreams of persons who have died and whose apperance in the dream influences the dreamer in some way. The next 2 chapters are about life themes, or recurrent dreams or dream series that deal with major life turning points. Chapter 12 is on using dream interpretation to develop intimacy and Chapter 13 consists of answers to commonly asked questions about dreams.

Publisher Information:New York: Ivy Books, 1988. 235p. Bibl: 235
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