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Applications of Psi

Channeling: The Intuitive Connection. by Kautz, William H., & Branon, Melanie
Crime and the Occult: How ESP and Parapsychology Help Detection. by Tabori, Paul
Executive ESP. by Dean, Douglas, Mihalasky, John, Ostrander, Sheila, & Schroeder, Lynn
Mind Wars: The True Story of Secret Government Research Into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons. by McRae, Ronald M.
Parapsychology: Sources on Applications and Implications (2nd ed.).. by White, Rhea A.
Proceedings of a Symposium on Applications of Anomalous Phenomena, November 30-December 1, 1983, Leesburg, Virginia. by Jones, C.B. Scott (Ed.).
Psychic Criminology: An Operations Manual for Using Psychics in Criminal Investigations. by Hibbard, Whitney S., & Worring, Raymond W.
Psychic Warfare: Fact or Fiction?. by White, John (Ed.)
Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion?. by Ebon, Martin
The Alexandria Project. by Schwartz, Stephan A.
The Divining Hand: The 500-Year-Old Mystery of Dowsing. by Bird, Christopher
The Secret Vaults of Time: Psychic Archaeology and the Quest for Man's Beginnings. by Schwartz, Stephan A.
The Unknown Guest: The Mystery of Intuition. by Inglis, Brian, with Ruth West and the Koestler Foundation

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