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Death-Related Experiences
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Working with the Dreaming Body

Mindell, Arnold

 Mindell is pioneering a technique for subjectively experiencing the unity of mind-body interaction and making the contents of the unconscious conscious, which he proposes is centered in the "dream body." He views the dreambody as a multi-channeled information center which communicates a message concerning one's life process through dreams, via pain, verbally, by auditory channels, and in body symptoms, and movements. He holds that dreams are mirrored in the body and vice versa. Or one could say the body exacts the dream and the dream depicts the body. Thus, in order to achieve and increase awareness of the patient's life tendency, Mindell advocates amplifying not only dreams but body symptoms. In this book he describes about 54 cases which exemplify the dream body process. A number of the cases involved terminal patients. Mindell observes that dreambody awareness increases most dramatically near death. He says that near death, dying people experience their dream bodies as clairvoyant or lucid dreams. They feel they can go places and often actually hear, see, and feel what is going on at a distance even though their real bodies still lie in bed. He suggests that their dreambody is almost free to do the impossible because their proprioception no longer relates to the pressures, pains, and agonies of their physical body. The dreambody appears to transcend the real body. It is a form of awareness that is independent of the living body. He suggests that death may be the last edge, the one at which we truly begin to live as we are.
Publisher Information:Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985. 133p. Ind: 127-133
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