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Breakpoint and Beyond: Mastering the Future—Today

Land, George, & Jarman, Beth

 Breakpoint is that point in the life of an individual, a relationship, an organization, a country, a planet, or any other unit when in order to continue to grow a change is required that totally breaks with the traditional linear view of change. As the authors put it, "Change itself has changed" (p. 4). They call this "breakpoint change," and it "abruptly and powerfully breaks the critical links that connect anyone or anything to the past" (p. 5). Moreover, as they point out: "At Breakpoint, the rule change is so sharp that continuing to use the old rules not only doesn't work, it erects great, sometimes insurmountable, barriers to success" (p. 5), which may be the reason many species who once flourished have died out. The concept of breakpoint is very relevant to exceptional human experience because EHEs function as breakpoint experiences in that in order to incorporate an EHE into one's life, one must let go of the old worldview—break with the past—and find or create a new lifeview. Here the and Beyond of this book's title may be very useful indeed to EHEers. An EHE is in many ways a nonlinear experience and honoring it may introduce one to further nonlinear experiences. The authors say our day calls for "a radical rethinking of the most basic and foundational ways we view the world" (p. 11). EHEs assist in providing the stepping stones for the new structure (which by its nature will not be solid but learning to go with change (flow) as a way of life and even of being. Often synchronicity is involved, even as Jarman says the way she found out about Land was via a series of synchronistic experiences. A big aspect of Breakpoint change forms the major portion of the book—the experience of "being pulled to a new kind of future" (p. 13) rather than being propelled by the past. Space does not permit further summary of the book except to list some of the chapter titles in Part Two: Parting with the Past, Changing Our Minds, The Creative Drive, the Power of Future Pull, The Force of Connecting, and A Solid Bridge to the Future. Anyone who has to cope with EHEs or would like to have one should read this book, which in essence is about making direct in-depth connections in nonlinear ways.
Publisher Information:New York: HarperBusiness, 1992. 261p. Bibl: 245-253; Chap. notes: 233-244; Glossary: 229-232; 21 figs; Index: 229-261; 1 table
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