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Cross-Disciplinary Approaches
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Dream Images: A Call to Mental Arms

Gackenbach, Jayne, & Sheikh, Anees A. (Eds.).

 The purpose of this anthology is to acquaint the reader with the fact that studies of the psychology of dreaming are very numerous today. The Introduction by Jayne Gackenbach reviews contemporary scholarly studies of dreaming. She notes especially the bankruptcy of the psychophysiological research. Many researchers are critical of the mechanistic reductionist approach. Various cognitive models of sleep mentation have been presented, including studies of lucid dreams. Developmental aspects are also reviewed, including existential and self-reflective thought, transcendental experience, and symbolic/cultural environment. This book is in four parts. The first is about experimental considerations. It consists of four chapters: "Sources and Consequences of Dreams: Experimental Manipulations and Their Effects" by Joseph DeKoninck; "An Experimental Approach to the Anomalous Dream" by Stanley Krippner; "Vestibular Involvement in the Neurocognition of Lucid Dreaming" by Thomas J. Snyder and Jayne Gackenbach; and "Linguistic and Literary Creativity in Dreams: A Psychoanalytic and an Experimental Approach" by Frank Heynick. The second part contains six chapters on clinical considerations. They are: "Nightmares: Facts, Fictions and Future Directions" by Kathryn Belicki and Marion A. Cuddy; "Nightmares and Childhood Dreams" by Patricia Garfield; "The Meaning of Dreams: A Current Warning Theory" by Robert C. Smith; "Dream Work with Dissociated Patients and a Self Curative Programming Function of Dreams" by Roy D. Salley; "A Selective Mood Regulatory Function for Sleep" by Milton Kramer; and "The Psychobiology of Mental Illness: Changes in the Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Sleep" by Milton Kramer. The third consists of three chapters on interdisciplinary considerations: "Interdisciplinary Studies of Dreams: Finding a Common Ground" by Don Kuiken; "Languages of Dreaming: Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Dreaming in Other Cultures" by Waud H. Kracke; and "Early Hindu Speculation about Dreams: Implications for Dream Yoga" by George Gillespie. Part 4, "Considerations Beyond Dreaming," has three chapters: "Reality Dreams and Their Effects on Spiritual Belief: A Revision of Animism Theory" by Tore A. Nielsen; "Lucid Dreaming as a Meditative State: Some Evidence from Long-Term Meditators in Relation to the Cognitive-Psychological Bases of Transpersonal Phenomena" by Harry T. Hunt; and "A Developmental Model of Consciousness in Sleep: From Sleep Consciousness to Pure Consciousness" by Jayne Gackenbach.
Publisher Information:Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing Company, 1991. 316p. Chap. bibl; 3 figs; 3 graphs; Subject Index: 309-314; 5 tables
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