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Healing Research: Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality. I. Research in Healing

Benor, Daniel J.

 This four-volume work unquestionably provides the most comprehensive review of all aspects of healing. The first two have been published and the others will be available soon. The introduction provides a worldwide overview of healing, discusses the evidence, and provides some historical perspective. An excellent indication that Benor, who is a physician who has worked with many healers in the U.S. and U.K., really has an inside view of healing as well as being eminently qualified to review the evidence objectively is that the first chapter is about healing from the viewpoint of the healers, rather than those who investigate healing. He presents the views of 40 healers on how they heal. The statements are excerpted from their writings or personal communications to Benor. Benor comments briefly on each one. The next chapter reviews controlled quantitative studies of healers’ effects on water, photo emission, photographic and electromagnetic effects. There follows a review of the forms of parapsychological phenomena that are relevant to healing: telepathy, clairsentience, and psychokinesis. The heart of the book is chapter 4, which is an exhaustive review of controlled studies of healing action on enzymes, cells, fungi/yeasts; bacteria, plants, one-celled organisms, animals, electrodermal activity, human physical problems, and subjective experiences. Also included is clairsentient (or paranormal) diagnosis. A review of uncontrolled studies follows. Benor provides a brief conclusion.
Publisher Information:Munich, Germany: Helix, 1993. 366p. Appendix A: Healing in the Bible: 303-306; Appendix B: Sources of Help and Information: 307-310; Bibl: 319-342; 1 fig; Glos: 343-346; Name ind: 349-353; 15 photos; Subj. ind: 355-366; 33 tables
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