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Healing States

Villoldo, Alberto, & Krippner, Stanley

 The aim of this book on various forms of healing, according to the two psychologist authors, is to "document our journeys and experiences with some of the most extraordinary healers of our time and describe techniques of healing and ecstatic trance that can be used to maintain health and for self-healing" (p. xv). Shamanic healing is emphasized, and they describe the shaman's path to power, which is also a means of achieving wholeness and healing. Part I is entitled "The Dimensions of Spiritual Healing" and consists of five chapters about a Brazilian psychologist and medium, Luis Antonio Gasparetto; psychic surgeon/spirit healer Edson de Quieroz, M.D.; Eliezer Mendes, M.D., who cures epilepsy by training patients to develop their psychic powers; spirit mediumship and spiritist healing among the Candomble and Umbanda sects of Brazil; and the Buddhist firewalkers of Sao Paulo. Part II consists of six chapters that describe the experiences of Villoldo and a research group who became apprentices to don Eduardo Calderon, a Peruvian shaman and healer, who led them on an initiation journey both to key Peruvian power spots and into the world of the spirit. The last part is entitled "From Primitive Myths to Planetary Healing" and consists of four theoretical chapters on shamanic healing, ritual, and trance states. It closes with a chapter on healing traditions of the world and their integration.
Publisher Information:New York: Simon & Schuster, 1987. 207p. Chapter notes; 38 illustrations
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