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Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality

Tart, Charles T. (Ed.).

 The impetus behind this book instigated by pioneering psychologist/parapsychologist Charles Tart is expressed well in a sentence in his introduction. He says he is "convinced, through both my professional work as a scientist and my personal attempts at personal, social, and spiritual growth, that this wholesale undermining of spirituality by orthodox science is not only unhealthy but scientifically, factually wrong" (p. 22). In this book he brings together several parapsychologists, whom he asked to write about the spiritual implications of parapsychology, as it is a field whose data challenge the tenets of the materialistic paradigms. Some of the chapters appeared originally in an issue of ReVision in 1995 for which Tart served as the guest editor, but additional essays are included in this book. There are 13 essays in all. There is space in this abstract only to list them. Tart gets the ball rolling with World Parliament of Superstition? Scientific Evidence for a Basic Reality to the Spiritual. There follows My Search for the Soul by William G. Roll; Some Reflections on Religion and Anomalies of Consciousness by K. Ramakrishna Rao; Exceptional Human Experiences and the Experiential Paradigm by Rhea A. White; The Parapsychology of God by Michael Grosso; Some Thoughts on Parapsychology and Religion by Stephen E. Braude; Intuition: A Link Between Psi and Spirituality by Jeffrey Mishlove; Parapsychology and Spirituality: Implications and Intimations by William Braud; Spirituality in the Natural and Social Worlds by Hoyt L. Edge; Phenomena Suggestive of Life After Death: A Spiritual Existence by Karlis Osis; Who or What Might Survive Death by Charles T. Tart; Channeling and Spiritual Teachings by Arthur C. Hastings; and Scientific Study of Nonphysical Worlds by Charles T. Tart. The references for all chapters are given in the reference list at the end. In my opinion, this is the best book available on parapsychology and spirituality.
Publisher Information:Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, 1997. 255p. Bibl: 229-244; Glos: 221-227; Ind: 245-255
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