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The Interrelationship Between Mind and Matter: Proceedings of a Conference Hosted by the Center for Frontier Sciences

Rubik, Beverly (Ed.)

 This is a collection of papers presented at an international round table meeting hosted by the Center for Frontier Sciences in May, 1989. The participants were drawn from mainline and frontier science, and their papers dealt with some aspect of the nature of mind, matter, and their interrelationship, with the emphasis on novel approaches. In the Introduction, Beverly Rubik, Director of the Center for Frontier Sciences, points out that mainline science maintains and reinforces the split between mind and matter, and mind itself has been addressed very narrowly, omitting "the subtler, unquantifiable dimensions of innate mind, such as states of consciousness, self-awareness, and volition" and "meaning, value, and mind’s teleological character" (p. 7). The papers included are "Maps, Perception, and Reality," by David Turnbull; "Progress and Problems in Psychokinesis Research," by Helmut Schmidt; "Consciousness Randomnicity, and Information," by Brenda J. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn; "Nonlocality in Complex Systems: A Way Out of Isolation?," by Walter von Lucadou; "Meditation and Mind/Matter Interface," by K. Ramakrishna Rao; "Multiple Personality Disorder: A Window Into the Organization of Consciousness," by Frank W. Putnam; "Modern Medicine and the Relationship Between Mind and Matter," by Larry Dossey; "Volitional Effects on a Bacterial System," by Beverly Rubik; "A Science of Harmony and Gentle Action," by F. David Peat; "A Quantum Theory of Consciousness," by Henry P. Stapp; "The Elusivity of Nature and the Mind-Matter Problem," by Brian D. Josephson; "Dimensions of the Observables and the Nature of Nature," by Rajen K. Mishra; "The Paradox of Mind and Matter: Utterly Different Yet One and the Same," by Steven M. Rosen, and "Evolution As Expansion of Coherent States," by Fritz-Albert Popp.
Publisher Information:Philadelphia, PA: Center for Frontier Sciences Temple University, 1989. 282p. Chap. bibl; 7 figs; 15 graphs; 1 illus; 4 tables
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