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Occult/Paranormal Bibliography: An Annotated List of Books Published in English, 1976 Through 1981

Clarie, Thomas C.

 This is a sequel to Clarie's earlier work of the same title, which covered the years 1971 through 1975 (Scarecrow, 1978). Together they provide an extensive and insightful compendium of information on a decade of all aspects of the paranormal as represented in book form. Included in this volume are "books on the occult (witchcraft, demonology, black and white magic, occult philosophy and occult traditions), books on occult-related topics (strange natural phenomena, astrology, prophecy), and books on the paranormal (including supernatural phenomena and the large body of work on psychical research/parapsychology" (p. xi). The arrangement is alphabetical by author. There is also an author index to authors, joint authors, editors, translators, and illustrators and a useful title index, which includes variant titles and foreign titles as well as English translations. The subject index contains 1,456 terms, 44 "see" and 91 "see also" references. It is arranged by five broad topics, followed by subheadings. The five topics are occult, psychical phenomena, psychical research, spiritualism, and magic. There are also useful form categories: Reference; Juvenile Literature; Autobiography; Biography; Bibliographies, Major; and "Bibliographies" (over 3 pages long). Not only does Clarie provide very useful and sometimes quite lengthy annotations, he also quotes the opinions of other reviewers. Emphasis in the annotations is given to content before all else.
Publisher Information:Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1984. 561p. Indexes: 495-561
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