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Altered States/Dissociation
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Advances in Altered States of Consciousness and Human Potentialities, Volume I

Barber, Theodore X. (Ed.).

 Barber has compiled an anthology of some of the best papers and selections from books dealing with human potentialities and altered states of awareness published in recent years. In the preface, the editor, who is a well-known research psychologist in ASCs, especially hypnosis, writes: "These volumes, which will be published every two or three years, will cover this new emphasis in psychology. Each volume will reprint the 40 to 50 most important papers that were published during the preceding years. The papers will focus on modes of experience or awareness that differ from our ordinary or `normal' experience. The topics that will be considered include: hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, Zen, autogenic training, and acupuncture; fantasy, daydreams, nocturnal dreams, and sleep; religious and mystical experiences; parapsychology and psychic research; psychological effects of cannabis and psychedelic drugs; and methods for heightening human capabilities and fulfilling human potentialities" (p. v). This initial volume contains 43 selections, of which seven are under "Parapsychology." These are by G.R. Schmeidler, W.G. and L.W. Braud, J. Palmer, C.T. Tart (two), R.V. Johnson II, and E.L. Smith. Barber points out in the Preface that included are "three `tight' papers that are within the `hard-headed' scientific tradition; two somewhat `far-out' papers that discuss topics which are not typically considered in `hard-headed' journals; and two critiques of `far-out' topics" (p. ix). The three "tight" papers are by the Brauds, Palmer, and Schmeidler. The two "far-out" papers are by Tart. Johnson criticizes C. Backster and E.L. Smith criticizes Raudive. Unfortunately, as of 1988, no further volumes in this series have been published.
Publisher Information:New York: Psychological Dimensions, 1976. 698p. Chapter references; 10 figures; 22 graphs; 6 illustrations; Name index: 695-698; Subject index: 693; 7 tables
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