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Multiple Mind: Healing the Split in Psyche and World

Sliker, Gretchen

 Psychotherapist Sliker describes the technique of subpersonalities which she uses because it is the most effective form of therapy for her clients. It is a way of maximizing one’s present faculties and realizing one’s potential. This therapy is an outgrowth of Jung’s psychology and Assagioli’s psychosyntheses. It is "the extension of the personal unconscious imagery into its natural conscious functioning" (p. 10). The aim is not unitary wholeness but progressive stages of integration. She extends the theory to world culture, and views cultural groups "as early subpersonalities of the world itself" (p. 11). The first chapter is on the principles of psychosynthesis, which has developed many techniques drawn from many cultures to assist "a deep broadening of the individual psychological foundation for higher development" (p. 19). She also sets forth Jung’s view of subpersonalities, archetypes, and complexes. She sees the views of these two pioneers as complementary. She shows how each subpersonality has a talent that can contribute to the total integration of the individual, who ultimately becomes the Self that is all things. She describes the developmental stages in the process of developing a neutral center that can mediate the subpersonalities and eventually relate to the All-Self. This process overlaps to an extent with what we have called the EHE process, except the latter is constellated not so much by a subpersonality but an anomaly and leads eventually to a sense of connection to everything, inside and out. Sliker’s book is useful for those who are in need of the subpersonality approach. As Sliker points out, it is very helpful in producing "ordinary geniuses."
Publisher Information:Boston, MA: Shambhala, 1992. 262p. Bibl: 239-254; Chap. notes: 229-238; 3 figs; Index: 255-261
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