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Anomalous Phenomena/Experiences
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Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Extraordinary Phenomena of Behavior and Experience

Zusne, Leonard, & Jones, Warren H.

 This book by two psychologists is designed as "a teaching aid in a course on the scientific approach to all those psychological phenomena that do not fit the current scientific world view by the criteria of most psychologists, as well as paranormal phenomena . . . that at least in part can be explained in terms of known psychological principles" (p. vii). The authors try to present the psychological approach to paranormal phenomena, relate this approach to the scientific approach in general, and show what the scientific approach reveals when applied to the paranormal. There are 15 chapters, the first being introductory. Anomalistic psychophysiology is dealt with in two chapters, in part on miraculous healing and injury and pain control. Single chapters are on perception and the paranormal, anomalous imagery and hallucinations, anomalous memory, extraordinary beliefs, psychopathology and magic, the social psychology of the extraordinary, and the psychology of bad science. Two chapters are devoted to personality in occultism and two to parapsychology. "Parapsychology: I" covers the experimental method in parapsychological research and ESP experimentation in historical perspective. "Parapsychology: II" includes "Explanations, Models, and Theories of ESP"; "Psychokinesis"; and "Parapsychology: An Art or Science." A retrospective and prospective chapter on anomalistic psychology ends the book.
Publisher Information:Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1982. 498p. Bibliography: 465-485; 13 figures; 2 graphs; 21 illustrations; Index: 487-498; 3 tables
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