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Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing

McMoneagle, Joseph

 This is both a partial EHE autobiography and an instruction manual on how to do remote viewing. McMoneagle was one of the star remote viewers in the government’s stargazer remote viewing program. He had been an Army man, and in 1970 while in service he suffered a heart attack and was believed dead. When he was seemingly lifeless he was outside his body watching resuscitation procedures and had a powerful near-death experience that changed him. He learned about the remote viewing research at SRI International conducted by Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Edward May and stopped off to visit. They had him do a test run—and he ended up spending years as a subject. He describes what he learned and how he learned it. He also looked into Monroe’s hemi-synch training. He found out about Bob Monroe’s altered states/OBE training program at the Monroe Institute because a book had fallen to the floor and when he picked it up and turned it over, it was by Monroe. He had many experiences there, in and out of the body. He had what ordinarily would be a fatal heart attack most people would not survive, but he attributes the fact that he did to what he learned as a result of his first NDE, the Monroe work, remote viewing, and the core changes that had taken place in his personality. He says: "I had experiences in those two weeks, while balancing at the door to eternity, that others might have had but don’t want to talk about. Experiences that I was able to test, rationalize, and integrate into my life. Experiences that I can now share with others who have not yet been there. The paranormal world is but the tip of an iceberg" (p. 145). While he was being operated on, he was out of his body. He met with four beings who taught him many things and coached him. He awakened miraculously fully coherent and able to write down what he had seen and heard. He had little need of a breathing tube and went home on the 5th day. With Robert Monroe he continued his remote viewing work, which was viewed as an extension of being out of the body. He went back in time to when humanity built pyramids on Mars. They tried to probe the limits of physical reality. He came back with the conviction that "it is probably just impossible for us to not exist" (p. 183). In the last 4 chapters he describes how remote viewing works, levels of remote viewing, target rules, and provides answers to commonly asked questions.
Publisher Information:Norfolk, VA: Hampton Roads, 1993. 231p. 25 figs; 2 graphs; 9 illus; 18 photos
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