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Interview With an Angel

Thayer, Steven J., & Nathanson, Linda Sue

 This is an unusual book in that it is the product of a healer/channeler and a research psychologist and publisher. The book begins the way I think every book—or even article—should begin—with an autobiographical sketch of the author(s), describing how they came to write the book and why. Both authors do so in this case, and both came to this work independently and in different ways because of EHEs which transformed their lives. It was Nathanson who had the idea of her serving as interlocutor while Thayer channeled the answers to questions she raised, but she did not give him access to them beforehand. The stage is then set for the introduction by another EHEer, Alfred Alschuler (see his EHE autobiography in EHE, 13, No. 1). His essay is entitled "Inner Voices and Inspired Lives through the Ages." In 55 pages Alschuler covers what it is like to hear an inner voice, introduces the nature of the voices and their teachings, sets forth what the good voices do, describe "the best that can happen" (which turns out to be that a genuine EHE or EHEs occur and transform the person’s life). He also goes into the worst that can happen, suggests how to "stay safe, sane and healthy," discusses the origin of inner voices, and closes with a word about Ariel, Thayer’s guide. He then presents notes and a bibliography by section. The subjects Ariel communicates about concern the angelic life, life passages, life on Earth, Extraterrestrial Life, Our Selves, Unseen Universe, Biblical Life, and Return to Eden.
Publisher Information:Gillette, NJ: Edin Books, 1997. 355p. 13 illus; Index: 338-349
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