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Skeptical/Critical Approaches

A Physicist's Guide to Skepticism. by Rothman, Milton A.
A Physicist's Guide to Skepticism: Applying Laws of Physics to Faster-than-Light Travel, Psychic Phenomena, Telepathy, Time Travel, UFOs, and Other Pseudoscientific Claims. by Rothman, Milton A.
A Skeptic's Handbook of Parapsychology. by Kurtz, Paul (Ed.).
All in the Mind: Reincarnation, Hypnotic Regression, Stigmata, Multiple Personality, and Other Little-Understood Powers of the Mind. by Wilson, Ian
Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Extraordinary Phenomena of Behavior and Experience. by Zusne, Leonard, & Jones, Warren H.
Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Magical Thinking. by Zusne, Leonard, & Jones, Warren H.
Baffling Phenomena and Other Studies in the Philosophy of Knowledge and Validation. by Rescher, Nicholas
Confessions of a Psychic: The Secret Notebooks of Uriah Fuller. by Fuller, Uriah (Pseudonym)
Dictionary of Philosophy. by Bunge, Mario
Enhancing Human Performance: Issues, Theories, and Techniques. by Druckman, Daniel, & Swets, John A. (Eds.).
Entities: Angels, Spirits, Demons, and Other Alien Beings. by Nickell, Joe
ESP and Parapsychology: A Critical Re-evaluation. by Hansel, C.E.M.
Extrasensory Deception: ESP, Psychics, Shirley MacLaine, Ghosts, UFOs. by Gordon, Henry
Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions (rev. ed.).. by Randi, James
Forbidden Knowledge: The Paranormal Paradox. by Couttie, Bob
Further Confessions of a Psychic: The Secret Notebooks of Uriah Fuller. by Fuller, Uriah (Pseudonym)
Healing: A Doctor in Search of a Miracle. by Nolen, William
How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age. by Schick, Theodore, Jr., & Vaughan, Lewis
Immortality. by Edwards, Paul (Ed.).
Mediums, Mystics and the Occult. by Christopher, Milbourne
Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: A Complete Exposé. by Houdini, Harry
On the Wild Side. by Gardner, Martin
Paranormal Borderlands of Science. by Frazier, Kendrick (Ed.).
Parapsychology and Self-Deception in Science. by McConnell, R.A. (Ed.)
Parapsychology: Science or Magic? A Psychological Perspective. by Alcock, James E.
Philosophy of Science and the Occult (2nd ed.). by Grim, Patrick (Ed.).
Physics and Psychics: The Search for a World Beyond the Senses. by Stenger, Victor J.
Pseudoscience and the Paranormal: A Critical Examination of the Evidence. by Hines, Terence
Psychic Paradoxes. by Booth, John
Psychology's Occult Doubles: Psychology and the Problem of Pseudoscience. by Leahey, Thomas Hardy & Leahey, Grace Evans
Reincarnation: A Critical Examination. by Edwards, Paul
Science and Supernature: A Critical Appraisal of Parapsychology. by Alcock, James E.
Science and the Paranormal: Probing the Existence of the Supernatural. by Abell, George O., & Singer, Barry (Eds.).
Science and the Supernatural: An Investigation of Paranormal Phenomena Including Psychic Healing, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and Precognition by a Distinguished Physicist and Mathematician. by Taylor, John
Science Confronts the Paranormal. by Frazier, Kendrick (Ed.).
Science in the New Age: The Paranormal, Its Defenders and Debunkers, and American Culture. by Hess, David J.
Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus. by Gardner, Martin
Search for the Soul. by Christopher, Milbourne
Secrets of the Supernatural: Investigating the World's Occult Mysteries. by Nickell, Joe, with Fischer, John F.
Superstition and the Press. by MacDougall, Curtis D.
The Elusive Quarry: A Scientific Appraisal of Psychical Research. by Hyman, Ray
The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal. by Stein, Gordon (Ed.).
The Encyclopedia of Unbelief (2 vols.). by Stein, Gordon (Ed.)
The Enigma of Daniel Home: Medium or Fraud?. by Hall, Trevor H.
The Faith Healers. by Randi, James
The Haunted Universe: A Psychic Look at Mysteries, UFOs, and Miracles of Nature. by Rogo, D. Scott
The Hundredth Monkey and Other Paradigms of the Paranormal: A Skeptical Inquirer Collectio. by Frazier, Kendrick. (Ed.)
The New Age: Notes of a Fringe Watcher. by Gardner, Martin
The Psychic Mafia. by Keene, M. Lamar, as told to Allen Spraggett
The Psychology of the Psychic. by Marks, David, & Kammann, Richard
The Search for Psychic Power: ESP & Parapsychology Revisited. by Hansel, C.E.M.
The Transcendental Temptation: A Critique of Religion and the Paranormal. by Kurtz, Paul
The Transcendental Temptation: A Critique of Religion and the Paranormal. by Kurtz, Paul
The Truth About Uri Geller. by Randi, James
The Wings of Illusion: The Origin, Nature and Future of Paranormal Belief. by Schumaker, John F.
The Wreck of the Titanic Foretold?. by Gardner, Martin (Ed.).
Water Witching U.S.A. (2nd ed.).. by Vogt, Evon Z., & Hyman, Ray

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