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Zen in the Art of Close Encounters: Crazy Wisdom and UFOs

Pursglove, Paul David (Ed.).

 This is an anthology of writings about UFOs as Zen koans. Pursglove points out that linear thinking cannot possibly understand (come to terms with) a Zen koan. The same is true of UFOs. A "Newtonian/Cartesian, materialist worldview" (p. 13) cannot get a grip on either phenomenon. So what can one do? Two things, says Pursglove. And so have we said in this Journal. The first is to pray, with William Blake, that we be saved "From Single Vision & Newton’s sleep" (quoted on p. 14). The other is that we "Mess with it. Fool with it. Play" (p. 16) with it. We have urged that people make their own unique response to anomalous (exceptional) experiences, because in developing your own path you must diverge from the status quo. In the course of this, you develop Double Vision. Moreover, when linear thought cannot penetrate the mystery of your experience, that is the beginning, not the end. Play with it, associate to it, amplify it, follow up any synchronicities associated with it. Let it play with you! Thus, although this book is an anthology of the ways people have messed and played with UFOs, allowing/enabling them to show them their own true nature (which activates full-blown double vision), it can serve as a handbook of suggestions of nonframes in which to view other types of exceptional experiences in addition to the UFO phenomenon. This book is about UFOs as koans, but it can also serve as a koan itself. Some of the authors’ pieces included are: Michael Grosso, Stanley Krippner, Nick Herbert, Whitley Strieber, John Mack, Rima Labow, John White, Philip Slater, R. Leo Sprinkle, Keith Thompson, Peter Rojcewicz, Dennis Stillings, Jon Klimo, Brian O’Leary, Marilyn Ferguson, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Jean Mundy, and others.
Publisher Information:Berkeley, CA: New Being Project, 1995. 333p. Bibl: 332-333; 4 figs; 2 illus; 1 table
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