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Theoretical Approaches
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Readings in the Philosophical Problems of Parapsychology

Flew, Antony (Ed.)

 Philosopher Antony Flew, who earlier wrote a critical introduction to parapsychology [A New Approach to Psychical Research, Watts, 1953], has compiled an anthology of materials basic to a philosophical discussion of parapsychology. As he explains in his Introduction: "Whether scientists in their working hours always ask what is the case and why do things happen as they do, the philosopher's question is, rather, granting that that was or is or will be so, `So what?'" (p. 11). The selections included were determined in the course of developing readings for a "philosophy of parapsychology" course at York University, Canada. Part One, "What is Parapsychology?" contains 6 selections by J.B. Rhine, Irving Thalberg, C.D. Broad, Richard Robinson, C.W.K. Mundle, and John W. Godbey, Jr. Part Two, "Describing and Explaining," consists of another 6 pieces by Alan Gauld; Flew; Sidney Gendin, Clyde Hardin, and Robert Morris; J.M.O. Wheatley; Galen K. Pletcher; and Patrick Grim. There are 4 selections in Part Three: "Paranormal Precognition: Its Meaning; Its Implications." They are by C.D. Broad, C.W.K. Mundle, Bob Brier, and Flew. Part Four, "Evidence of the Impossible," consists of 8 selections by David Hume, F.H. Bradley, George Price, S.G. Soal, Paul Meehl and Michael Scriven, R.A. McConnell, J.B. Rhine, and Gardner Murphy. The fifth and final part, "The Question of Survival," consists of 12 pieces by Richard Robinson and C.D. Broad, Plato, Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Joseph Butler, C.J. Ducasse, C.D. Broad, E.R. Dodds, Peter Geach, Terence Penelhum, and Flew.
Publisher Information:Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1987. 376p. Bibl: 363-369; Chap notes; Name Ind: 371-376
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