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The Sensitives: Dynamics and Dangers of Mysticism (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Vol. 11)

Brunton, Paul

I read some of Paul Brunton’s books when I was in my 20s and was impressed by his sensitivity, depth, and wisdom. His 11 books have been published and his extensive notebooks (this is vol. 11) are being published posthumously by Larson Publications (4936 Route 414, Burdett, NY 10016).

This book, at first glance, would be listed under Mystical EE/EHEs, but I placed it under the EHE process because it really is about the "dynamics and dangers" of the path over the process of a lifetime. Although this was written many decades ago, it is still very relevant to those who are on their own individual intentional paths toward greater meaning, being, and reality. There is an important chapter on "the phases of mystical development," which in effect is the EHE process. The book has several chapters dealing with the pitfalls and especially the delusions one who is attempting to follow such a path can fall into as well as guidance on choosing reliable teachers. Brunton was ahead of his time in that he recognized that the spiritual path, although leading to the One who is all, nonetheless is an individual path, unique to each person, even though the mileposts may be the same. He discusses inspiration, illuminations, and revelation and how not be lead astray by these wondrous visitations. He goes into the dangers of fanaticism, the occult, and the psychical. It is one of the best guides I know of for distinguishing between what is genuine and what is an illusion. It should be pointed out that the series of volumes compiled from Brunton’s notebooks are just that: paragraphs dealing with a specific topic taken from the notebooks and put in a separate volume on the selected subject. The passages and paragraphs are numbered and together they cover the subject of each chapter, but there is no ongoing thread of text to hold the paragraphs together; but this is hardly noticeable. The important thing is the first-hand wisdom in every paragraph.

Publisher Information:Burdett, NY: Larson, 1987. Pp. xi + 330. Ind: 319-330; 1 photo
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