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The SLI Effect: Street Lamp Interference. A Provisional Assessment

Evans, Hilary, with ASSAP

 This small yet valuable work is about a type of presumed PK called "Street Lamp Interference." It is "based on claims by many people that they involuntarily, and usually spontaneously, cause street lamps to go out" (p. 4). Evans adds that SLI is intermittent, does not occur frequently, and is "without an immediately discernible sequence of cause and effect" (p. 4). In this volume he attempts to answer whether SLI in fact does occur and does it constitute a phenomenon in its own right? Because of the difficulty in causing the phenomenon by normal means, Evans is of the opinion that if genuine, SLI would provide the best evidence for psi, and PK in particular. The bulk of this report is devoted to summarizing the results of a survey of 77 cases of SLI. The majority of the correspondents expressed relief that they are not the only ones having this type of experience. The only organization to support SLI thus far is ASSAP, the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. He considers the three main explanations of SLI to be delusion, natural (mechanical) explanation, and psychic explanation, or a combination of these. The phenomenology of SLI is examined, with frequent quotes from SLIders' reports. Although Evans says SLI is devoid of meaning, many SLIders think it is related to emotional states and one, in particular, to a mystical state (pp. 29-30) and another to heightened sexuality (p. 31). And although he says they have no aftereffects, he also says some SLIders report positive feelings, especially a sense of heightened excitement (p. 31). Also related are some synchronistic examples of SLI and other seemingly human-machine interactions. A section is devoted to other inexplicable effects, mainly electrical, reported by SLIders. Another section of interest is on relevant non-SLI phenomena and miscellaneous anomalous experiences reported by SLIders. He draws some tentative conclusions based on the data and gives the questionnaire used, which includes tests SLIders can carry out. The address of ASSAP is 20 Paul Street, Frome, Somerset BA11 IDX, England.
Publisher Information:Frome, Somerset, England: Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, 1993. 52p. Bibl: 51-52; 4 figs
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