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The Light in the Dark: Searching for Visions

Heinze, Ruth-Inge

 This is Heinze’s partial EHE autobiography, but it is placed under Techniques because her primary aim is to describe ways of opening to the "Source," by which we can learn to explain our full potential by means of what she calls "visions." (I would call them EHEs, because of the multitude of ways that guidance from the "Source" con became conscious.) After a brief chapter on the nature of visions, the first section, "Opening the Door," contains her own story, then her view of the process involved in getting in touch with the "Source," which consists of "breathing, relaxation, and tuning exercises," followed by mentally descending "ten steps" and then to a "space station" that is "between the state of consensus reality and other states of consciousness" (p. 56). The next door leads to the unknown. She describes a prototypical workshop in which people can be lead through this process. In the third, "More Stories," she presents verbatim accounts of what workshop participants experienced. The next section, "Other Doors of Perception," briefly describes the following techniques: Contemplation, Meditation, DreamWork, Music, Dance, Swimming, and Vision Quest. All are tried and true Projects of Transcendence. Although Heinze says this book is unfinished, even in its present form it is a very important volume. It presents knowledge based on experience, and it distills much wisdom concerning how to contact the "Source." I plan myself to try her 10-step approach, for it appears to continue an important dream I had around the time of the Harmonic Convergence. It’s like two pieces of a puzzle came together. I am sorry I did not read this book sooner, but now is always the best moment.
Publisher Information:Author, 1994. iv + 118. Bibl: 106-111; 13 Illus; Ind: 112-118
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